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The Heritage Game Jam 2022

This year we are partnering with the European Society of Black and Allied Archaeologists to bring the theme of “decolonising heritage games” alive with critical, creative, co-designed interventions that emphasise our commitment to decolonisation and to work toward establishing York as a University for Public Good.

Our intent is to come together to create collaboratively-crafted, compelling games as a way to playfully engage with traditionally contentious and fraught issues within the heritage sector.



This year’s theme is ‘Decolonising Heritage Games’. The 2022 Heritage Game Jam stemmed from an ambitious initiative between York Archaeology and TFTi Department PhD students funded by the Humanities Research Centre and has grown to incorporate buy-in with matched funding from the Past at Play Lab at Leiden University, the York Decolonising Research Fund and the Place and Community Knowledge Exchange Fund.

With joint efforts we have put together a 3-day workshop and we will host speakers from the Leiden University, the VALUE Foundation, the Past at Play lab, the TFTi department of the University of York, the European Society of Black & Allied Archaeologists, and the University of Skövde.

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The workshop will be livestreamed, so everyone would have a chance to participate.

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