Augmented Collections


Catriona Cooper
Matthew Tyler-Jones


“Among the Ruins” is an impressive twine game that layers image, text and auralization to create a sense of time, space and narrative.

There are four stories, featuring different aspects of the history of the house and collections: the story of one of the slaves sold with two plantations to pay for the building of Clandon; the story of a soldier, treated at Clandon during the First World War; the story of scion of the house who, after admitting his homosexuality went into self-imposed exile in France, and fathered a respected composer; and, the story of Hinemihi, the Maori meeting house in the gardens at Clandon.

The Visualisation



Download the game here

This is a twine game, download the folder, open it and run the html file within, Among the Ruins, in your browser.

The source file, Phoenix.tws, is attached. It opens in Twine 1.4.x NOT in Twine 2

Judges’ Comments

The breath-taking audio reconstructions included within this complex project captured our judges imaginations and hearts whilst the intricate layering of narrative and interpretive contexts left them wanting more. They were hugely complimentary of the way in which the duo had structured the piece to meaningfully showcase and integrate narrative, reconstruction and data into the piece. The interactive nature of the project promoted significant discussion on the topic of agency, control and interpretation in museums and collections, making it not only a thought provoking piece in its own right, but also in relation to wider heritage themes and issues. The technicality, scale and artful nature of the project, as well as the thoughtful, comprehensive paradata far exceeded the expectations of our judges for a short-term “jam” project, leading them to crown “Among the Ruins” as the highly commended team entry for the 2015 Heritage Jam.


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