Archaeological Collections


Jens Notroff


Archaeological Collections is a sketch delivered hot from the field.  The sketch is derived from Jens’ work in southeastern Turkey at the Neolithic site of Göbekli Tepe. The piece captures a collection of archaeological tools and processes as well as striking collections of ducklings all in a row as they are excavated from the site. 

The Visualisation

Judges’ Comments

The judges enjoyed the way which the image captures a resonant, charming, personal and reflexive moment in both the physical archaeological process and the process of representation. They were particularly engaged with the way in which the makers hand was evident in the piece. The judges also praised the personal nature of the paradata and the way which both the image and the paradata generated a nostalgic feeling – transporting the viewer into the shoes and perspective of the creator, if just for a moment. The warm and charming nature of the visualisation led one of our judges to comment that “for an archaeologist this kind of image is paradise” – high praise which highlights the important role personal and creative elements can have in archaeological visualisation practices. 

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