Buried Treasures


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Alice Rickard


This resource is meant to give a brief description of some of the interesting but ‘invisible’ pieces of heritage found on the Bath Spa campus. The idea is that it could perhaps be used as a part of another website for the university to supplement the material that is often overlooked in existing promotional material.


The visualization is presented as a webpage which you can access by clicking this link – some supplementary images are supplied below in addition. 

Judges’ Comments

All of our judges enjoyed the idea of uncovering invisible or overlooked elements of the Bath Spa campus and commended Alice for taking on a ditigal project with technical aspects.

Imran Ali commented that he though the piece demonstrated “good intent and idea” in a way which “filled in gaps about a place’s history and provide a new perspective.” 

Matthew Tyler-Jones added that “the creator has chosen an elegant design template” that reflected the theme being engaged with in an appropriate manner. 

For constructive critique Ian Kirkpatrick commented that a standard template for accessing images, video and text would assist in developing consistency throughout the site, whilst Imran Ali stated that more information – especially information which linked physical heritage to themes – would add further interest for readers.

Matthew Tyler-Jones encouraged the creator to “explore “the crab man”’s countertourism. A counter tourist view of sites like these would be a fun website.”

The entire #THJ2017 team was excited to see such mature engagement with the theme alongside the use of technical, digital skills in heritage. We very much hope to see more of Alice’s creative projects soon!

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