Dead Women Do Tell Tales: Ghosts


Ruth Tringham


My contribution to the Heritage Jam is this 10-minute video (linear) version of what is essentially a non-linear document. It is a a microhistory about the burials of Building 3 at Çatalhöyük, Turkey, that date to about 9000 years ago and were excavated by the BACH (Berkeley Archaeologists @ Çatalhöyük) team. It is intended to be part of a computer game – Dead Women Do Tell Tales – that is currently in embryonic stage of design and is the brainchild of Ruth Tringham.


About Ruth’s entry

At every level Ruth and her team’s microhistory of Building 3 at Çatalhöyük openly interweaves creative narrative, excavation data, metadata and paradata, presenting a visualisation and interpretation of the deeply personal story of one woman’s life almost 9000 years ago.  But Ruth is clear that she is presenting but one interpretation and that others are possible.  She invites us in to envisage the micro-history itself and to contribute to its continuing story.  This is the kernel of a game she and her team are developing – one that also provides a beautiful vision of its own evolving paradata.  We look forward to seeing this evocative visualisation grow.


The Visualisation

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