Dialogue with a Fish


Alexis Pantos
Paul Wordsworth
David Stone
Tim Penn
Cordelia Hall
Katie Campbell


This video showcases processes undertaken by archaeologists turning artefacts into
‘data’: from excavation and washing, to cataloguing and storage. In doing so we aim to
juxtapose the thousands of objects found through excavation and the select number which
become part of a museum collection, and consider how choices in display and storage
shape the perception of archaeological material. While the analytical value of artefacts
‘in bulk’ is widely appreciated, their potential for communicating heritage narratives is
often overlooked, as well as their aesthetic value.

The Visualisation


Judges’ Comments

Our judges absolutely adored the way in which “Team Dialogue with a Fish” took pottery sherds – items which, due to their plentiful nature and often repetitive form, tend to be thought of as uninspiring artefacts – and transformed them into inspiring and exciting pieces in a clever narrative. The upbeat music complimented the implementation of comedy and narrative perfectly, creating a vibe which had our judges and viewers wanting to engage with this collection further. The creative way which the team reimagined this collection as well as the incredible technical execution in the video media form led to our judges selecting this entry as one of the highly deserving recipients of the “Judges’ Choice” awards. 


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