Andrew Reinhard


Excavation is an archaeological game, where the aim is for the players to excavate a site and tell a story. Each time the game is played you will encounter a different site! The game is currently in an early stage and is not yet playable – but check out the proposed rules of play attatched here!


Judges’ Comments

The judges all loved the potential that this game showed for exploring archaeology in a playful way. 

Paul Backhouse quipped that he “loved the idea of an excavation board game, as a concept this shows real promise.” 

Izzy Bartley praised how it created “space for creativity and imagination in interpreting archaeology.”

For constructive criticism Paul noted that “you could add every day sexism cards, health and safety audit, redundancy, patronising dig director” to expand the concept. 

Zsolt Sándor added that he felt “there are too many rules to this game and you would need to be very invested in playing it to learn the rules” – some refinement and polish as the game concept develops would really allow the innovative and creative elements of the game to shine through. 

Once again our judging panel commends Andrew for his fabulous, playful take and offers a lot of encouragement for developing this project further!

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