Heritage Jam: Conserving the Past


Howard Williams.reshoot
Howard Williams


This is the first ever Heritage Jam project about jam! Howard shot a vlog (video-blog) over 3 days of exploring jam at heritage sites and monuments during annual leave with his family in North and South-West Wales. He has supported this endeavour with posts on my Archaeodeath blog. The result is a light-hearted attempt to create a ‘jam Heritage Jam’ vlog that reflects on different dimensions of the relationship between heritage and conserves.

The Visualisation

Judges’ Comments

This creative and original take on the theme had our judges in stitches. They commented that the inclusion of personal narrative alongside generous amounts of humour made the entry thoroughly engaging and enjoyable. The judges commented that the heritage visualisation practice is so often conducted in rather formal ways and that the choice to leverage comedy was appreciated and refreshing. After a brief review it was concluded that this was indeed the first Heritage Jam entry to include actual jam – a fact which the judges appreciated immensely. 


I am very grateful to Dr Patricia Murrieta-Flores and Javier Pereda who compiled my videos for me and refined the sound and graphics. I owe them at least one pot of conserve each! Thanks also go to Libby, Jemimah, Adah, Tobias, Talitha and Rhoda Williams who suffered my conserve conversations and behaviours through 3 exhausting consecutive days of the project.


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