House Ghost


Lauren Rollit


This piece explores the ghosts in the creator’s apartment (a 1920s edifice) by exploring its appearance in newspapers over the past century, through visual art. Newspaper clippings were selected in particular for stories that highlight sensory interactions. The resulting work speaks to her own personal obsession with the history of her space, but also to what she believes is one vital driving force behind heritage studies: recognizing humanity and shared experience with people of the past.


Judges’ Comments

“This creation has a fantastic zine vibe to it (I can almost smell the photocopier) to share a very familiar experience of the pandamic (but in a personal way)… the interpretation of the theme and artistic merit are top notch!” “I like the arrangement, especially the lady on the left hand side holding her hands up – it gives a strange impression of clairvoyance or a séance which fits really well with the overall feel of the piece. The big pair of spectacled eyes is also a little unnerving as if you are being watched by the people of the past…”

”The explanation of the project’s inspiration was really great. It is clearly a personal passion project and that is reflected both in the piece itself and in the paradata.”

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