Jamming with our MRE/MRPs


Untitled design(61)
Ona Bantjes-Ràfols
Untitled design(52)
Regan Brown
Untitled design(62)
Sarah Catterall
Untitled design(58)
Wylla Caveen
Untitled design(60)
Natalie Cross
Untitled design(57)
Chloe Dennis
Untitled design(56)
Meranda Gallupe-Paton
Untitled design(59)
Sammy Holmes
Untitled design(63)
Danielle Mahon
Untitled design(64)
Jaime Simons


This group project takes the idea of ‘sensation’ and turns a reflexive gaze on the process of being a History MA student, using free drawings to articulate it.

We’re all first year M.A. students in History and Public History. Some of us are also in Digital Humanities. For our M.A. program, we have Major Research Essays or Projects due at the end of the program, with proposals due at the end of April 2021. So, we decided to use this Heritage Jam as a chance to talk about our topics in a fun way – by drawing them!

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Judges’ Comments

“As a huge fan of drawings (archink), I love this approach and concept – it made me smile and I wanted to explore more. Great transparency with the curation of discussions. I wonder if there were any particular sensations or experiences from doing all this drawing and creative practice as part of MRE/MRP.” “There is some nice technical work in the production of the website (I particularly liked the inclusion of the chat screenshots) – to be honest I thought the LACK of [digital] technical wizardry, in that everyone was using pencil and paper, was one of the strengths of the piece.”

“This project really took advantage of the affordances of working in a group. It was technically rather simple, but they were able to combine all of their moving parts to explore an idea that could not be done if it had only been one person.  It highlights the value of art as a method of reflection, that we can apply to our own research.”

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