Museums and Collections


Peter Martingell


The prototype of “Museums and Collections” revolves around the idea of a puzzle game where the player is trying to get the artefacts out of the museum, escaping to see the real world, where the curators patrolling are attempting to stop them. The game is a playful implementation of the tension between retaining artefacts in-situ versus in collections – or in the places where the objects originate versus the structured and maintained collections. Due to time restraints the game was not able to be finished and thus what is presented here is a proof of concept prototype. 

The Visualisation


Judges’ Comments

The judges complimented the technical ability in the developing project and applauded the inclusion of interactive elements. The theme was clearly implemented, though some issues were raised from a museuological perspective of representing artefacts being taken from a museum. Overall the judges felt that there was a solid basis for further development and were hopeful that further paradata might shed light on the development decisions and technical aspects of the project.

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