Museums in the Caribbean


Csilla Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke
Krijn Boom


“Museums in the Caribbean” is collaborative visualization project between Csilla Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke & Krijn Boom. Krijn and Csilla created the stunning graphic by layering images captured during research and intersecting them across a constructed cultural-heritage skyline to showcases the diversity, vibrance and beauty of Caribbean Museums . The visualization was concieved of as a way to introduce, represent and communicate Csilla’s ongoing doctoral research with further reaching possibilities for use as a postcard or poster within the Caribbean museum community.


Judges’ Comments

The judges praised the striking and eye-catching nature of the graphic, highlighting how the simplicity of form straddled surprisingly complex layers of meaning which could only be extracted upon closer inspection. One of the key points of praise was the clearly stated research questions within the paradata document and how the graphic meaningfully answered these questions, not only for Csilla’s research, but also the wider museum community of the Caribbean. The potential for the graphic to have on-going, real-world implementations, was highly praised by the judges who look forward to seeing how this project is developed and deployed in the future.

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