My Skull Mate


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The Skull Mates


“My Skull Mate” by The Skull Mates is an online interactive which asks the player quickfire questions to match their interests up with one of the skeletons in the “Skeletons: Our Buried Bones” exhibit. Through exploring choices such as “inside or outside” and “love or money” the team hoped to add a layer that facilitated personal connections to the bones of our past. At the end of the interactive the player is presented with personal “favorites” and “info snippets” from the skeleton, allowing the player to start a dialogue about past and present experiences. 

The Visualisation

(The visualization is a webapp – link and images highlighting aspects of the creation to come soon!)


Coming soon!

The Creative Process

(The visualization is a webapp – link and images highlighting aspects of the creation to come soon!)

Judges’ Comments

Our judges thoroughly enjoyed the fun, personal approach that “The Skull Mates” bought to this creative challenge.

Ian Kirkpatrick commented that it was such “a great way to engage with the humanity of the figures” and “also (importantly) to encourage people to search around the exhibit” allowing them to engage on a deeper level with the people and artefacts within.

Zsolt Sándor added that it was a “very playful and innovative approach to the theme” that assisted in making the skeletons “relatable as human beings”.

Imran Ali was keen to see more of this piece, stating that it was brilliantly fun with the potential to be “morphed into all kinds of interesting variants” giving it a fabulous scalability.

For constructive criticism the judges probed the question of accuracy and authenticity, explaining that they would like to see additional “research about the actual history of the skeletons” woven into the fun approach.

The judges and our #THJ2017 team thoroughly commends the technical and creative approach that “The Skull Mates” took. The piece effectively engages with an identified issue in the gallery space and used a fun, personal approach to engage the audience in a clever way.

We look forward to seeing more creative pieces by this fabulous team in the future!

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