Roman Baths: Now and Then


Zoë Newth


“Roman Baths: Now and Then” seeks to explore the bones of our roman past in Bath, contrasting them to how they look and operate now. The information designed here is intended to be for tourists visiting the Roman Baths.


Dowload here the paradata document: Paradata+document+for+’Roman+Baths+-+Now+and+Then’

The Visualisation

The visualization is a video – accompanying images are supplied below.

Judges’ Comments

Paul Backhouse commented that this had a “good overall theme, which hangs together well” in a way which Matthew Tyler-Jones “could see being used on-line or in social media by the baths”.

Ian Kirkpatrick and Imran Ali commented that the piece had good cohesion and direction and that the approach to the bones of our past being embedded in architecture was interesting. 

For constructive critique Paul said that “as a viewer I need a little more time to see the images before they changed”. Ian and Imran echoed theese statements expanding that matching the music to the jumps in image would have added polish. 

All of the judges were exceptionally impressed to see the creativity shown by Zoë at this stage of her university progression – the #THJ2017 team look forward to following her future creative pursuits. 

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