Step into the Past


Lynn C


“Step into the Past” is a watercolour painting inspired by the collections of Flag Fen living museum. The painting features reconstructions (causeway and boat), objects from the museum (a golden ring, a wooden wheel, bronze age sword and beaker pottery) and flora (Flag) from the region, drawing the viewers attention to the diversity and intrigue of this fabulous collection.

The Visualisation

Judges’ Comments

Our judges commented that the painting was immediately recognisable; complimenting Lynn on the way she had truly captured the dynamic and warm feeling of the site. The holistic nature of the composition, hand of the maker and personal flair which permeates the piece garnered special praise, as did truly original way which the paradata (which came in the form of a poem) wove an intricate narrative between modern, archaeological perspectives of the site, the personal experiences of the creator and the past imaginary. The judges commented that whilst new technologies and digital creations can yield wonderful results, sometimes the older artistic mediums, such as the use of watercolour in this case, can evoke ideas, capture experiences or render emotive engagements in different ways.


Lynn would like to thank the Flag Fen museum group for their commitment to making the past come alive, for maintaining such a beautiful collection and for being the inspiration and source material for this implementation of her artistic pursuits. 

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