The Bones of Malvern's Past


Untitled design(51)
William Worthington


This pamphlet tackles a real-world need to highlight some of the architectural bones of Malvern’s past to the local population. Have a read to discover the importance of dressed wells within the area!


Judges’ Comments

Paul Backhouse commented that this is an “interesting aspect of heritage, and a good way of engaging people in their local history”. 

Izzy Bartley continues that it is “well laid out, a good balance of information, images and a map” that would be at home as a learning or engagement tool in a museum or heritage location context. 

For constructive critique the judges encouraged William to “think about the map, if you were picking up the leaflet in a library – what would you want the map to show you? does it have enough info on it?” and to engage with creative visualisation to allow the imagery to add to the rhetoric of the piece. 

Our judges were thrilled that William had taken an often overlooked subject manner and made a great start at engaging the public with it through a creative pamphlet.

The team looks forward to seeing what William creates in the future!

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