The Bones of Nabteanas Past


Untitled design(51)
Qais Tweissi


This visualization pictures a reconstruction of a Nabatean tomb with the bones of the past included. These tombs were a core part of the architectural as well as belief systems of the Nabataeans – take a look at how Qais has imagined them interacting with the bones of our past!


Judges’ Comments

All of our judges commented that the imagery was striking. 

Zsolt Sándor stating that “the imagery draws me in and makes me want to engage with it.” 

Izzy Bartley added that “the image is very arresting and makes me wonder where the skeleton is going and where it has come from.”

For constructive critique the judges would “have liked to have seen more of the details explained in the paradata included in the image!”

This striking piece raises many interesting questions that with some further development and context could explore the fascinating heritage discussed in the paradata document. 

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