The Colleonard Farm Hoard


The Archaeological Oddities (Dr A and Dr H)


We decided to explore the burial of artefacts, rather than discussing human burials.  We’ve chosen to focus on the fascinating hoard of bronze axes from Colleonard Farm, North-eastern Scotland. In fact one of us (Dr. A) has written rather a lot on this particular hoard (see bibliography in Paradata). Our picture reference was derived from the ‘Symbols of Power’ book (Clarke 1985).


About Dr A and Dr H’s entry

Sophisticated and nuanced research and interpretation are present in the best visualisations.  ‘The Colleonard Farm Hoard’ comic communicates these in a single black and white panel.  The traditionally dusty subject of prehistoric pottery typology is made interesting and engaging, revealing this particular hoard and the tantalizing hints of its deeply personal story.  All this is communicated with wit and charm, like being told an interesting story by a slightly quirky but beloved mentor or family member.


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The Visualisation

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