The Journey of Bones in New Zealand


Lynn Copplestone


“The Journey of Bones in New Zealand” is a triptych showing the spiritual journey taken through the bone necklaces of New Zealand. Stage 1 “the Wharenui” engages with the bones of the ancestors, Stage 2 is called “The Heart of the Forest” in which the unfurling of natural wisdom happens. The final stage, Stage 3, is called “The Washing of the Spirit with Tears”.


The Visualisation

(This section will be updated when further photos are recieved from the team!)

Judges’ Comments

The technical and artistic aspect of this work was highly commended by our panel of judges.

The first of our judges – Paul Backhouse – really liked “the interpretation of the theme and the inspiration behind it”. Matthew Tyler-Jones further added that he “likes the simple mixed media approach” which was echoed by judges Ian Kirkpatrick and Imran Ali who commented that this is an “innovative interpretation of theme, perhaps of a cultural area that isn’t widely known. Aesthetically, well crafted and exectuted with interesting addition of physical material.”

Paul Backhouse’s constructive critique was that “the presentation is not as strong as it could be” – a little editing for cohesion would have assisted in pulling the three pieces together. Matthew Tyler-Jones added that whilst the rendering through watercolour was technically well executed other media might have increased the imact and cohesion of the work.

Overall this piece was praised for it’s innovative take on the theme and the technical execution of the watercolour art. We hope to see more fabulous entries by Lynn in the future and hope that other creators can draw inspiration from the technical and artistic approaches put forward here. 

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