The Poetry of Bones


Lynn Copplestone


“The Poetry of Bones” is a mixed media piece which incorporates physical elements as well as watercolour painting to explore how poetry and art intersect. Using the bones of our past as the core theme this visualization touches on ideas of empathy, reverance and respect.



Judges’ Comments

Paul Backhouse described the piece as “imaginative, interesting and beautifully presented.”

Both Matthew Tyler-Jones and Zsolt Sándor complimented the use of the poetry, quipping that “it is very relevant and works well with the artwork as a whole.” 

Izzy Bartley added that “there is a lot of depth and information contained in a single artwork.”

For constructive critique the judges would have liked to see “more detail in the paradata, which would have helped to explain all the meanings within the artwork and the background to the piece.”

And Paul added that it would have been nice to see the physical elements of the piece extended further. 

This piece demonstrated a great deal of creative merit and a novel approach to the theme, blending poetry and traditional artistic methods together to add and explore dimentions outside of the traditional. 

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