Uncovering the Community's History: An interactive and community


Habiba and Eloise Stancioff


This crowd sourcing tool and a website is a joint effort from the St. Kitts Department of Culture and researchers, Habiba and Eloise Stancioff. The pilot version attempts to assimilate, promote, visualize, analyze information and unearth both intangible and tangible heritage from communities of St. Kitts. This crowd sourcing tool is a web based platform that provides users an interactive map interface to locate and learn about everything culturally interesting about St. Kitts.


About Habiba and Eloise’s entry

Habiba and Eloise’s entry visualises the largely unrecorded heritage of St Kitts through a map-based interface.  But it goes far beyond this.  By relying on the people of St Kitts for data, the project has given shared ownership and stewardship to those whose heritage is being presented and recorded.  The data visualised here are not simply dots on a map or a collection of photographs, but are imbued, from the moment of digital creation, with the personal meanings and stories of those who submitted that data.  This is visualisation for good, making a positive impact on the inhabitants of St Kitts and enriching their experience of their historic environment.



The Visualisation

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