Alison Atkin


“Unnamed” is a two pannelled, semi-autobiographical artwork in progress. The two panels are meant to be viewed simultaneously, and explore the juxtaposition between the body at the point of burial and the point of excavation. Organic objects that appear in the first are notably absent in the second panel, being notable in their absence. The panels ask you to think about elements that can be significant in life – gender identity, neurodiversity, disability and illness – that are not always evidenced by the osteological record alone.


Judges’ Comments

Paul Backhouse commented that the “interpretation of the theme is really strong in this piece, showing both strong artistic skill and delivery.” 

Matthew Tyler-Jones adding that the construction of the piece was “evocative”. 

Imran Ali described the presentation as “provocative and poetic” further stating that it “raised some interesting questions and encouraged the viewer to explore further.” 

Ian Kirkpatrick rounded out the judges commentary stating that it was “aesthetically intriguing and well executed. Intriguing, even if you don’t understand the story behind the work.”

For constructive critique the judges were unanimous in wanting to see more, with Matthew stating that he “would like to see a whole (short) sketchbook of similar diptychs.” 

Ian expanded that he would have loved to see the pieces in higher resolution with some photos taken up-close to see the detail better.

With regards to the paradata Imran stated that “it would’ve been great to hear more of her thoughts on how the digital manifestation Alison mentions might’ve been implemented.”

In all, the piece was eyecatching with exceptionally well executed paradata. It tackled complex themes and left us all wanting more.

We will follow Alison’s future creative endeavours with excitment. 

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