Virginia Archaeology: On the Map!


Jolene Smith


Virginia Archaeology: On the Map is an initial sketch of an idea for plotting RSS and article feeds onto a geolocational map. Presented here is the start of a work in progress as time and download restrictions mean the project could not be fully realised. Check out the source files, hosted on GitHub, and be sure to check out the paradata for more on how this project is noped to develop in the months following the jam!

The Visualisation


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Judges’ Comments

The judges praised the ambition of the work and the potential of the outcome to be a catalyst for public advocacy and involvement in wider archaeological communities. Whilst the project was unfinished the judges praised the technicality evidenced so far, complimented the way which Jolene had challenged herself to learn new skills during creation (a cornerstone of the Heritage Jam practice), and hoped that further development would occur so this fantastic prototype could be realised to its potential.

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