Visualising the Locations of Children's Literature


Daisy johnson-218x218
Daisy Johnson


“Visualising the Locations of Children’s Literature” is a collage created by Daisy Johnson as a way to show the collection of locations involved in her ongoing PhD research. The piece shows entries for “The Whitby Witches”, pulled from the database of locations that underpins the research, alongside further images of importance to the real world locations of children’s literature.

The Visualisation

Judges’ Comments

Our judges were delighted to receive another entry from outside of the heritage sector and were highly complimentary of the way in which Daisy had taken a subject, so often tied purely to words, and turned it into an engaging visual graphic. The judges felt that the paradata provided gave additional layers of meaning to the work and hoped that more reflexive practices, in a similar vein, between the written word and visual representation could be produced for research purposes in the future.

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