W.T.F (What's That Feature?)


Andrew Reinhard


“W.T.F” is an action-packed archaeological take on the classic game “Dixit”. This game puts you into the shoes of archaeologists in hot debate over the identification of artifacts. The rules, cards and tokens are included on this page – so go on, download it and have a play!


Source Files


If you want to have your own set of W.T.F simply download and print the following files:

  1. Cards
  2. Rules
  3. Tokens
  4. Board


Judges’ Comments

Ian Kirkpatrick and Imran Ali loved the “really interesting, inclusive and original approach” and commended it for being “refreshingly and unabashedly non-digital!” Part of the charm of the game was that it could “be played easily on-site in remote locations” and  “mimics the teacher/student archeological process in a clever way.”

Paul Backhouse commented that the creation of a game like this was a fabulous and innovative approach to the competition. 

For constructive critique the judges noted that the “rules were more complex than expected, requiring reading rather than a verbal explanation.”

For future directions the judges hoped to see the visuals refined for a more polished appearance. 

The approach of playful engagement with archaeology is certainly a welcomed one that has observeable potential for heritage visualization.

The #THJ2017 team thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and highly reccomend that others download and play it for themselves. 

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