Who Was Richard III


Molly Ashmeade


“Who was Richard III” is a informative video that examines the bones of the past through the lens of the prolific figure of Richard III.

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Judges’ Comments

Our panel of judges highly commended the way in which Molly created a visualization for a clearly identified audience. 

Zsolt Sándor commented that “the content is appropriate for the audience and it achieves its objectives well.”

Izzy Bartley added that “this is well thought out and decisions that have been made are justified well in the paradata. I also think it achieves its objectives well.” 

Matthew Tyler-Jones enjoyed that the piece effectively “highlighted the difference between public perception and archeological evidence in a short video.”

For constructive critique the judges explored the potential of narration in the video to cut down on the amount of text present within a given frame.  

Overall this piece shows a great deal of potential and technical merit – we look forward to seeing the creative projects that Molly produces in the future!

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