Save the Date! Heritage Jam 2024 will be on 10 and 11 June 2024, hosted at the University of Leeds. Watch out for our programme launch, coming soon!

The 2022 Heritage Game Jam, ‘Decolonising Heritage Games’, stemmed from an ambitious initiative between York Archaeology and TFTi PhD students funded by the Humanities Research Centre and has grew to incorporate buy-in with matched funding from the Past at Play Lab at Leiden University, the York Decolonising Research Fund and the Place and Community Knowledge Exchange Fund.

With joint efforts we put together a 3-day workshop and we hosted speakers from the Leiden University and the Past at Play lab, the TFTi department of the University of York, the European Society of Black & Allied Archaeologists, and the University of Skövde.

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11, 12, & 13 OF MAY 2022

at The Digital Archaeology and Heritage Lab
University of York



Talks on archaeogaming & demonstrations by the Past at Play LAB 



Talks on Decolonisation of Games and Heritage & demonstrations by the Past at Play LAB 




Prizes for the winners!

Meet the team

The Organisers

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Despoina Sampatakou PhD Student in Digital Archaeology
Untitled design(15)
Dr Aris Politopoulos Lecturer at Leiden University
Untitled design(50)
Saad Maqbool PhD Student at TFTi
Saad - waiting photo(1)
Dr Colleen Morgan Lecturer at the University of York

The Speakers

Dr Angus Mol Lecturer at Leiden University
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Dr Aris Politopoulos Lecturer at Leiden University
Prof Lissa Holloway-Attaway Associate Professor at the University of Skövde
Untitled design(50)
Saad Maqbool PhD student at TFTi at the University of York
Society of Black & Alied Archaeologists

The Contributors

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Digital Archaeology & Heritage LAB Contributor
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Past at Play LAB Contributor
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VALUE Contributor

The Judges

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Matthew Horsfall Curator of Game Technologies at Science Museum Group
Stuart Eve Digital Archaeologist and Founding Partner at L–P: Archaeology
About us

The Heritage
Game Jam

The Heritage Game Jam is a creative, collaborative game-building workshop wherein participants learn how to make heritage-based games together during a limited time period. We are bringing together participants from both the academic and professional sector to exchange ideas and to both gain expertise and enhance their existing skillsets in heritage interpretation and design.

Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Jam"?

A “jam” is a short prototyping event which focuses on innovation and creativity around a central theme. Jams have strong roots in the video-game creative practice although increasingly they are being used across academic and other industry areas. For examples of other jams check out the Global Games Jam or Brains Eden.

What is "The Heritage Jam"?

The Heritage Jam is a short-term event which challenges participants to create a heritage interpretation based around a central theme. It is a unique opportunity for talented people to come together, push their skills, challenge their ways of working, inject new ideas into the interpretation of history and archaeology, and grow the heritage industry overall.

When is''The Heritage Jam''?

This year’s Heritage Jam will take place both in person and online. Participants can register by clicking on the ‘Book your virtual place’ button; invitation links will be sent to participants. The Jam will run from May 11th to May 13th. The last day the winners (both in person and online) will be announced after the Jam. For more details, please have a look at the schedule.

What are the Social Media Platforms for the Event?
Twitter is being updated almost daily, so feel free to follow us @HeritageJam or follow the #heritagegamejam2022.
Can I start working straight away?

This year the Jam will take place during the last day of the workshop, so if you would like to participate, please book your virtual place, to participate online.

How do I submit my entry?

Details on the submission process will be announced during the second day of the workshop.

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