Back-to-Back Houses and their Communities in the 21st Century Leeds


Back-to-Back Houses and their Communities in the 21st Century Leeds
Joanne Harrison


This piece is a work in progress that seeks to explore a 3D representation of a back-to-back house for communities in the Harehills district. The interactive model aims to explore the different time-frames in detail, from a range of different perspectives.


Presented below is a screenshot of the piece in action – a download and source file are avaliable below as well.

A .rvt file will download upon clicking the this link.

Judges’ Comments

Paul Backhouse, Matthew Tyler-Johnson, Imran Ali and Ian Kirkpatrick all commented that this project was an interesting start with great promise.

Matthew enjoyed potential that this project had for “bringing together historical data and collected personal reminiscence” which Imran expanded upon saying that the potential of this project to highlight the “stories of the people that affected the change in the housing of Harehills, perhaps exploring immigration and changing family/household structures” was both significant and innovative. 

For constructive critique our judges all agreed that the addition of texture or colour would help with capturing the viewers attention.

Imran and Ian also commented that the piece was an exciting use of digital tools, but required some further development to really facilitate engagement with the “human story and journey” outlined in the paradata. 

The #THJ2017 team enjoyed how the creator had leveraged their experience as an architect to help inform the structure and flow of the heritage visualisation – it was commented that this kind of interdisciplinary work has a great deal of exciting potential.

We look forward to seeing how this project develops in the future!

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