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“Bodies of Evidence” by Graves Anatomy explores three stages of the bones of our past for two burials: at the point of burial, at the point of excavation and storage / display in archaeological and heritage contexts. 

This piece was awarded the runner up prize at our in person jam, as well as recieving Ian Kirkpatrick’s personal choice award. Read on below to find out more about this inspiring project and engage with the judge’s fabulous comments. 

The Visualisation

(This section will be updated when further photos are recieved from the team!)

The Creative Process

Judges’ Comments

Our judging team were unanimous in saying that these figures were exceptionally well crafted – of an artistic and technical level that could be installed into a professional exhibit immediately.

Imran Ali commented that they were “beautifully crafted figures which provoked a lot of discussion and ideas about the culture around burial and death” –

a sentiment echoed by Izzy Bartley who stated that the “execution is fantastic” with lots for adult and younger audiences alike to engage with.

Ian Kirkpatrick added that “these pieces were incredibly striking”, noting that “the Perspex particularly gave them a great contemporary feel”.

Zsolt Sándor rounded out the judges comments stating that he was intrigued by “how the piece turns objects back to humans” and “helps us to understand and connect with the artifacts”.

For constructive critique the judges would have liked to see a short textual introduction to provide some “scaffolding for helping audiences understand and engage with the path of questioning” the figures posed.

In all, this visualization demonstrated incredible artistic and technical capacity – both our judging panel and our #THJ2017 team could not believe the level of detail and quality of outcome that this team had produced in such a short time. The ambition and quality of the work cannot be commended enough, and we are truly excited to see what this creative team produces in the future.


This piece recieved Ian Kirkpatrick’s judge’s choice award. In selecting this piece Ian said “I loved the care and attention put into this entry. The resulting pieces were surprising in the way they were presented, especially the model featuring only artefacts (i.e. where the body was hidden). Even if the models themselves couldn’t be handled (i.e. if they were themselves in a case) I think they are really fascinating and add another dimension to the Wellcome exhibit, including for children (but also adults!). But I also did think it was a fantastic idea to make them something that could be touched and manipulated. It was the entry that caught my attention the most, in large part due to the care taken in its creation/execution.

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