Happy Gods




Happy gods is a video-game which revolves around exploring the role of gods, offerings and religion in Roman York. The Ivory Bangle Lady – Lucia – guides you through the museum’s collections to find hints and clues on how to keep the gods happy! If you make the right offering for the gods they will become happier, but if you don’t do your research first and make the wrong offerings the gods will become sad, or even angry. You begin with only one god – Genius – but once you have satisfied him with offerings more gods will unlock.

The Visualisation


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Judges’ Comments

“Happy Gods” impressed our judges on so many levels – the scope, scale and technical capability of the project, the incredible 3D and 2D artwork and the impressively insightful and engaging integration with museum artefacts in the real-world to name but a few of the long list of features which were complimented and commented on by the judges. The game truly exceeded every possible expectation our judges had going in to the event and thus the outcome truly is a testament to the creativity, innovation and skill of each team member. The outcome masterfully answered the real world question and need for engagement and interaction with museum audiences in new ways, whilst the creation of the website facilitated remote participation and opened the doors for potential integration with the developing data-set of the Yorkshire Museum. To this end the “Happy Gods” project challenged and developed the frameworks for heritage visualisation, thus embodying and exemplifying the foundational principles of the Heritage Jam, leading to it being unanimously named the winner for the 2015 in-person jam.


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