Instagram Memories


Anna Esther Heckadon


The bones of our past can manifest in many ways – in this piece the creator explores the theme through the lens of “a basic or essential framework of something”. Using social media as the basis this piece explores how we can situate memories into landscapes, allowing us to visualize our personal framework of place and experience.


The visualization is presented as a website, with a video and image as supporting data below. 

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Source Files

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Additional CC/Acknowledgement Note: Leaflet, Mapbox, Instagram

Judges’ Comments

Our judging team were intrigued at how this took a familiar social media platform and challenged how we engage with the bones of our past through it. 

Zsolt Sándor commented that it was a “great interpretation of the theme with an interesting and creative approach. This project takes a familiar social media platform and reworks it into a new perspective.” 

Izzy Bartley further commented that it was a highly “creative application of existing social media content with excellent paradata to back it up.”

For constructive critique our judges noted that more pins would have added depth to the piece. 

The judges enjoyed the technical merits of the piece and noted that there is a great potential to use this platform for probing how memories and tagged and engaged with on social media.

We hope to see this platform get further use and look forward to seeing how Anna develops it in the future!

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