Modelling Skulls from Museum Collections


David McDonald


Being a videogames artist, I have been interested in exploring the use of scan data (lidar and/or photogrammetry) to be used as models in games. I thought it would be interesting to get a fully rounded 3d model of something like a skull which could have been found in the ground.


About David’s entry

Museum collections, while preserving artefacts, also have the potential to ‘end their stories’ by encasing them in glass, or in collections storage.  An object’s ongoing value and continued relevance can be suspended in museum-amber.  This is a particular danger for ‘natural history’ collections of the past, now forming an unwieldy part of many museums’ institutional heritage.  David demonstrates how such collections can be ‘captured’ (in an act of almost ‘guerilla surveying’) and reinvigorated as assets for use in new, interactive media.

The Visualisation

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