The ARtefactKit


Stu Eve


“ARtefactKit” is an innovative, multi-sensory augmented reality (AR) application that allows the user to compare an excavated artefact with a number of different artefacts from a 3D virutal reference collection to aid in identification and examination.

Through the application you can smell, hear and see the real animals that the artefacts are derived from. 

This visualization was awarded first place in our online, solo section of the competition as well as being selected by Paul Backhouse as his judge’s choice award. Read on to find out more about the project and engage with the judges comments!


Judges’ Comments

Our judging panel was absolutely floored by the breadth, potential and execution of this piece. 

Paul Backhouse commented that it was “incredible”, adding that “the approach in this piece is really strong, thinking about multiple levels of usability, and multiple sensory approaches.

Using multiple sources of data to create a real resource.” 

Izzy Bartley added that “the depth of this app is very impressive, giving a much more holistic approach to gathering knowledge. I like the way it uses open data for real, meaningful purpose.”

The potential of the piece was noted by Matthew Tyler-Jones who identified that it could be a “really useful application of ARKit for training, and in the field.” 

Zsolt Sándor adding that he would “love to be able to try this for real.”

The constructive critique of our judges was the potential to refine and polish the interface, making it more cohesive throughout.

Paul also was intrigued by the possibility of this being rolled out to google cardboard for wider access. 

This is a truly astounding piece that tackles the “bones of our past” theme in a way that demonstrates exceptional technical merit and solves a real world heritage problem.

Our entire judging panel, as well as the #THJ2017 team, were so impressed by the work and hope to be able to play with it ourselves in the future!


Paul Backhouse selected this piece “for using so many different sources of information, the effort and the thought, the approach to solving a real world problem and the inventiveness”.

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