Time soon will bring me to the tomb


Gavin MacGregor
Luba Nurse
Kate Rogers
Alastair Somerville


(Remote Team Jam Day Entry – Members of this team collaborated from their respective locations during the day of the Jam.)
We envisaged a resource which allowed young people to learn (almost intuitively) about ‘burial’ as a complex politically loaded concept but ultimately grounded in the subtleties of particular stories and materials.

About ‘Time soon will bring me to the tomb’

From the moment of digital introduction, the far-flung members of this team sparked.  Ideas and images, visions and personal stories flowed.  The team focused on the many-layered but interwoven nature of burial, discovery and re-interpretation.  The concept of a book as an interactive work of sculpture, centred (literally) on the story of a single person and a single place quickly developed.  It was a privilege to witness the powerful flow of ideas amongst the team members as each brought their own experiences and talents to bear upon the Jam theme.  We hope that this fascinating idea eventually moves from concept to completion!

The Visualisation

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