A Cemetery is Where We Commune With the Dead


Pat Reynolds
Casto Vocal
Alice Watterson
Kelvin Wilson


A cemetery is where we commune with the dead.
Our dead. Our ancestors. We know them. They were like us.
But with time, everything fades. Colour goes. Stories forgotten. We forget to tend to them when we stop remembering them. The little gifts we leave for the ones we do, blow away, and will be forgotten too.

About ‘A cemetery is where we commune with the dead’

The team sketched out not one, but a series of visualisations, focusing on the intertwined, long-term relationships within cemeteries between the living and the dead, permanence and change.  They were driven by the above/below-ground tension of cemeteries, finding this tension between the fleeting impermanence of memorials with the long, slow process of dissolution in the unseen, subterranean depths.  No single approach would suffice to express the potency of these relationships, so the team collaborated on a series of possible approaches, eventually inverting the visualisation/paradata relationship itself, producing a single, text document as the visualisation and a series of visualisations as its paradata.

The Visualisation

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