Two Kings, One Throne


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Bethany Watrous & team


“Two Kings, One Throne” is a prototype of a video installation for the “Skeletons: Our Buried Bones” exhibition. The resource was created to increase the accessibility of the exhibit to children and visitors who prefer non-textual mediums. The video utilises stylised shadow puppetry against a rich watercolour background.

The Visualisation

The Creative Process

Below are images taken whilst the team crafted their visualization.

Judges’ Comments

Our judges were unanimous in their appreciation of the audience centred approach and artistic merit shown in this piece. 

Ian Kickpatrick said he “thought it was a great solution to the issue of the exhibit being tricky for kids to enjoy/interpret.” 

Zsolt Sándor added that he enjoyed “the level of thought and detail that went into this seemingly simple video. Love that it’s engaging with a target audience that’s often overlooked in a museum setting.”

The incredible detail and archaeological evidence included in the backdrop was mentioned by Imran Ali who said “Love the easter eggs in the development of the backdrop, implying many more layers can be peeled back for further questions.”

For constructive critique Izzy Bartley noted that a voice over or short introduction would help make the level of detail obvious and accessible, saying “I would like to see a very short introduction as part of the video, which gives context. This could also be useful at the end as there is a lot of information contained in the background.”

Imran noted the potential that this piece had for children to participate in making these stories, saying “it would be great to see how kids could make (and keep) their own stories digitally.”

Overall our #THJ2017 team and our panel of expert judges were amazed at how much this team had accomplished in two short days.

The fact that they went into the museum and conducted brief surveys to identify a problem and ground their creativity in data added an impressive level of rigor to an technically and artistically impressive visualization. 

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