Voices Recognition


Stuart Eve
Kerrie Hoffman
Untitled design(25)
Colleen Morgan
Alexis Pantos
Sam Kinchin-Smith


Voices Recognition is an app designed to augment one’s interaction with York Cemetery, its spaces and visible features, by giving a voice to the invisible features that represent the primary reason for the cemetery’s existence: accommodation of the bodies buried underground.


About Voices Recognition

Voices Recognition is ambitious in scope and stunning in its execution.  The team prototyped a website, an app, composed a series of dramatic monologues and produced over ten minutes of video in two short films all in the single day of the Jam.  Each component complements the others, the whole working together to visualise and auralise the interwoven layers of lives in York Cemetery in an utterly compelling way.  The group’s work is a testament to the power of bringing together individuals of many backgrounds and talents and setting their collective creativity loose in a single, intense day of collaboration.  The heritage world should be beating a path to this group’s door!

The Visualisation

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