Grave Wandering


Melanie Heizer


“Grave Wandering” is both a digital portfolio, and a home for one branch of a project taking place in the Emanu-El Cemetery in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

You can engage with the website yourself by clicking here!



A series of images are also included here to give a taste on what is on offer.

Judges’ Comments

Paul Backhouse commented that this piece had a “lovely design” that was “simple and elegant, easy to use and easy to read.” 

Matthew Tyler-Jones expanded that it was an “excellent collection of research, RTI imagery and photography to catalogue a gravesite.”

The impressive paradata of the project was noted by Imran Ali who said that it was “a really strong account of the project’s story, the learning and development therein.”

All of the judges noted that this project has “huge potential to be expanded.”

For constructive criticism Paul quipped that there was potential to “use thumbnails for quicker loading time – as this would be a useful resource on a mobile phone or tablet in the field.”

Whilst Ian Kirkpatrick added that integration with digital technology such as google streetview would add further dimentions to the project. 

Overall the judges, as well as #THJ2017 crew, were thoroughly taken by the innovative and practical take on the theme and the technical capacity demonstrated by the creator.

We look forward to following the project as it develops further. 

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